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Manufatutured with Renewable energy

Abigail Motors has a 5700W solar panel installed on the roof of the factory. The factory is fully equipped with the latest electric equipment and electric tools. Even on rainy or cloudy days, it is powered by renewable energy from pre-stored batteries.
That means every Abigail EV Mini is manufactured with renewable energy.

Here at Abigail Motors, we strive to produce harmony between Economy, Environment, and Society to achieve sustainable development of our business as well as the earth. For more detailed information on this, please read this page.


3R (Reduce Reuse Recycle)

Taking good care of your old car is also an aspect of saving valuable resources and reducing waste. Since the CO2 emissions of automobiles in LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) are the highest at the time of manufacturing * 1, it is a socially rational choice to convert valuable resources to EV and reuse them without scrapping them.

In addition, the lithium battery used in the Abigail EV Mini will be replaced when it becomes difficult to use it in automobiles after a certain period of time, and information will be exchanged with the government and stakeholders, and it will be recycled as a storage battery for homes and businesses. If waste is generated, we will outsource it to a traceable external contractor that uses a manifest.

Renewable energy

At Abigail Motors, which converts old cars to EVs, we are working to set CO2 emissions as carbon-neutral and minimize their impact on the environment. Garages and offices use electricity derived from renewable energy.

CO2 free

The manufactured Abigail EV Mini does not emit not only CO2 but also NOx when driving. Electric vehicles are more energy efficient than traditional petrol vehicles. * 2 Furthermore, the Abigail EV Mini has excellent electricity cost performance among commercially available EVs.

Carbon offset

The Abigail EV Mini you purchased will be carbon offset from CO2 for 2 years from the purchase, assuming that the electricity to be charged is derived from fossil fuel. * 3 We will give you a carbon offset certificate and a sticker when you deliver the car, so please talk about it.

Environmental education

Abigail Motors promotes environmental awareness and awareness and nature / environmental protection activities for stakeholder and society as a whole. We will strive for environmental management and actively disclose the status of its activities.

COOL CHOICE Declaration

Abigail Motors has been participating in the government's " COOL CHOICE " project since its inception in 2019, and is actively calling on society to reduce CO2 emissions. We are also promoting air-conditioning temperature control, standby power off, and paperless operations within the company.

* 1 Source: MAZDA "Evaluation of CO2 emissions of internal combustion engine vehicles and electric vehicles"

* 2 Source: Global Environment Subcommittee, Central Environment Council "Report on Measures and Measures after 2013"

* 3 Calculated using mileage 4000km / year, electricity cost 8km / kWh, TEPCO 2021 CO2 coefficient 0.441kg-CO2 / kWh, carbon offset at the time of delivery by Forest Absorption J-credit of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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