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Abigail EV Mini specs

Basic package includes

・ Leather seats

・ Aluminum wheels

・ Front seat heaters

・ Driver's seat belt warning light

・ 12V battery warning light

・ Wood-trimmed interior

・ MOTOLITA Wood Steering wheel

・ Rear fog lamps

・ USB ports (x 2)

・ Normal & sports mode switching

Colours to order

・ Body

・ Wheels

・ Wheel arch extensions

・ Seats

・ Head liner

・ Floor carpet

・ Sun-visors

Bespoke optional equipment


There is a description in the brochure.

Abigail EV Mini Specification Table


Battery capacity: 18kWh
Maximum output: 52kW / 5,000rpm
Maximum torque: 128Nm / 1,000rpm
driving range: 140km

 (equivalent to the  in-house measured WLTC mode)
Charging: standard J1772 Normal charger
Riding Capacity: 4 people
Length: 3075 x Width: 1440 x Height: 1320 mm
Weight: 690kg
Tire size: 145/70 R12

・ Multi-monitor instrumental panel

・ CHAdeMO quick charger

・ Increased driving range battery

・ AC110V - 240V outlet

・ V2H compatible

Please talk with our team about any other equipment that would help to realize your dream.


Our Process



In order to realise our customer’s desires, we listen to our customers' requests, whether it is for a high level of restoration or for special equipment. As we talk with our customers, we often get hints for further suggestions.

Drafting Abigail Mini.png

Pre conversion design

We like to determine which components work meet to our customer’s requirements for factors such as range, power, torque, charging method, V2H compatibility, and creature comfort equipment.

Body colour

Body paint is available in a single colours as well as two-tone colours, including roof, mirrors and wheel arch extensions. This decision is a pleasure-filled moment.

View all 20 Rover original colour

Body Colour

Interior appointments

What seat materials do you want, fabric or leather? What about the colour and texture? Stitching and piping can also be chosen. Floor carpets are available in a choice of several colours.

Leather colour

Restorations & Conversion

Many parts are replaced with a new ones, and parts that are still usable are refurbished and reassembled to a level where they function for decades to come. Once the car has been restored, the car is converted to become an electric vehicle.

Pre delivery inspections

A PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) is carried out before an EV Mini is delivered to a customer, which includes inspecting visual aspects, functionality, and noises.

After purchase peace of mind


The Initial inspection programme is preformed 1, 3, and 6 months after the date of delivery of an Abigail EV Mini.

Initial inspection programme


Maintenance such as replacing worn parts and government inspections can be performed by reputable shops such as Garage Morris or Thames Garage who have over 25 years of experience with Minis.



We have negotiated with CHUBB to provide Restomod EV insurance that covers the purchase price for an unlimited period of time.

The value of an old car is usually calculated by model year depreciation, not the purchase price.

EV insurance

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