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Car for the Refined people

Wouldn’t it be nice to drive a unique classic car on a daily basis? There is now a garage that makes this wish come true by converting classic cars from petrol power to fully electric while also adding some nice creature comforts, resulting in a classic car that can be driven anywhere.

Manual gearboxes are no longer needed and become automatics. Bodies are restored right down to the nuts and bolts and heated leather seats are installed. We confidently recommend our conversions to people who are concerned about the maintenance and trouble of owning classic cars.


What is an EV conversion ?

An “EV conversion” or “converted EV” refers to a car that has had its petrol system fully removed (engine, exhaust system, and fuel tank) replaced by a fully electric system (electric motor and battery).


The Abigail EV Mini

At Abigail motors, our primary work is on Rover Mini. We have succeeded in converting the globally loved classic Mini into a fully electric car that emits no carbon dioxide when being operated.


Making people smile

Whether you are traveling to your destination or enjoying a drive, the one thing that always remains the same is the smile that spontaneously spills out when you take the wheel. The Abigail EV Mini is like a lovely pet, with the power to foster smiley communication in society, not only with the people in the car, but also when parked or just passing by.

Going for decades

Another new way to enjoy this well-loved classic Mini for decades to come. The removed engine can also be kept securely. The craftsmanship and the latest technology coexist at a time, now is the time for you, the first penguin, to make a choice.

The eco-car tax reduction

The motor vehicle tax on cars over 13 years old since the registration, will rise 15%, but an Abigail EV Mini receives the Eco-car tax reduction bringing this tax to less than half. (Abigail EV Mini 10,000 yen, 2004 and older Mini 25,200 yen)

Compliance & Liability

Lithium-ion batteries are approved by the Ministry of Transport after passing stringent tests against overcharging and undercharging in accordance with UN Regulation R100. The power consumption is comparable to that of the latest EVs from bigger manufacturers.

Why Choose Us

Satisfied Customers


An Abigail EV Mini combines fun and convenience, like a cool pair of sneakers. I was dreaming of owning a classic Mini EV that I could drive around, and when the the Abigail EV Mini came out, I ordered one rightaway. Abigail’s bespoke style was the perfect experience to bring my ideal EV Mini to life.

Dai  Kobayashi

Abigail Motors has been helping me make my visions become reality, such as making my Mini to Mark I specifications with 10 inch wheels, being particular about the body paint, and connecting my Mini to the solar panels at my home to use as part of a V2H system. I enjoy making my very own special EV Mini in a bespoke way.

Kota Suzuki


All Abigail EV Minis is built by hand in Tokyo, Japan.

You can reach us there, Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 (GMT + 9), for brochure requests, model and general queries.

Customer's personal information will be managed appropriately by Abigail Motors for the purpose of replying to inquiries.

We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party other than the outsourced company without your consent. (Excluding cases where disclosure is required by law.)

For other handling of your personal information, please refer to Abigail Motors Privacy Policy .

We may not be able to reply to you depending on the content of your inquiry. Please note.

The reply will be sent to the individual customer in response to the inquiry received this time. Please refrain from reprinting or reusing part or all of the reply e-mail from us.

We may not be able to fully answer your questions when replying to your mobile phone by email due to restrictions such as the number of characters. Please note.

We will respond to inquiries one by one during our reception hours.

Reception hours 10: 00-18: 00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and winter holidays)


Depending on the content of your inquiry, it may take some time for us to reply. Please note.

Thanks for sending.

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